Most people find it difficult to understand complex insurance contracts, which often results in buying the wrong insurance products or not buying insurance at all. This leads to an increased number of detected situations or overlapping coverage, which in turn deepens the trust gap between consumers and carriers.

YOUS is changing the orientation of insurance from a traditional focus on standardized complicated products to a real-time approach. YOUS provides automatic and proactive protection for accidental damages and liability. As a solution based on mobile devices.

YOUS identifies risks in real time and instantly activates precise subscriber event protection.


The main task and challenge we faced in the redesign of the YOUS brand and website is that the Client is new to the insurance market and wanted to change the old logo and the direction in which the brand was going. The client wanted a simple and youthful brand that ran a bit away from standard IT startups.

The project required market research and one of the challenges was how to simplify the main functions of YOUS insurance for users with the design and strategy. We created a design for Social Networks for the client and thus brought YOUS closer to the target audience.

yous social media


After researching the market, we decided to make not only a logo but to create a brand that exudes security and trust and that is what YOUS is. We knew YOUS had to be strong and bold visually so we made a color combination that is modern and exudes security. The idea for the logo came about so we wanted to visualize the background story.


For the client, we have developed more ideas and directions in which YOUS should go. Each example had its own characteristics, but they were all the same in one thing: SIMPLE – MODERN

yous logo


yous color typography

Custom made an initial letter of company “Y”. In developing the logo, we used various items such as: Trust, Security, Service, Benefits, Savings. We came up with the idea to make our own sign with sharp edges to show Trust, Professionalism, and we also used diamond shapes as a metaphor for the benefits and greater value that YOUS provides to its customers.

letter y yous logo

For this part of the logo we used the usual sentence “Circle of Trust”
Meaning: The two circles are designed with a space, but again they close each part of the circle. This sends the message that YOUS is safe and always there to help its customers.

yous circle


For YOUS, we created a modern site whose main goal was to inform users what YOUS is and what the main functions are and what benefits YOUS insurance brings. The client demanded that the web be done with the WIX platform, so we got the most out of it and created a modern and responsive page tailored for all devices. We followed the brand and the message that YOUS sends to users and thus rounded off the story.

yous web mobile