RIGPRO is software that enables oil companies to monitor activities in all phases of logging operations (preparation, measurement, and post-analysis), process optimization, and communication between office employees and field operations on onshore and offshore wells. Wireline logging is geophysical surveys that are conducted by lowering various probes into a well.

For RIGPRO, we designed the website, applications, and online and offline print materials.

rigpro icons schema


The main task with the RIGPRO client was to create a web design and accompanying online and offline material that is in line with the RIGPRO brand and standards. The challenge was to get closer and display information about the Software in a simple and modern way, and with a modern design to attract the attention of the target group of users.


For RIGPRO, we have designed icons that are used for different segments of the functions that RIGPRO provides to its users. We used a simple but recognizable design that follows the standard RIGPRO brand. The print material is designed to follow the standards and show the seriousness and professionalism of the Client.

rigpro icons
rigpro print materials


For RIGPRO we have created a custom made page, a design that follows the RIGPRO brand. Our idea was to create a modern site that would easily show the user what RIGPRO Software is and how users benefit. The web is made in a CMS system and with today’s standard responsive design, so the web is adapted to all devices.

rigpro mobile web