Masaža Centar was founded with a vision to get closer to the man of the 21st century by applying the latest scientific techniques as well as the ancient ones we can freely say long forgotten. Man as a whole being needs a holistic, ie comprehensive approach in order to determine what a person needs and to what extent in order for him to resonate at an optimal level.


For the Masaža Centar client, we created a visual identity, designed and developed a website and designed visuals for social networks, all with the aim of bringing people’s awareness of the importance of body massage and relaxation closer. The client demanded a modern but luxurious identity that was easy to remember and visually relaxing.

masaza centar interior
masaza centar color typography


The idea behind the logo is a combination of simplicity, creativity and connection with the Masaža Centar. We developed ideas for the client and researched in which direction and which strategy to apply in the creation of visual identity. We decided that the brand needed to be built around the center and we used the initials “M” and “C”, which are combined into one modern icon and visual harmony.

masazacentar logo


An icon made of the initials “M” and “C” with a luxurious and modern look where we wanted to create a connection of letters as a metaphor for the connection of the human soul and body, which is realized by various massage and relaxing techniques.

masaza icon

Simple and modern font as a symbol of the seriousness and quality of the Masaža Centar.

masaza text
masaza centar vizitke


For Masaža Centar we have designed a modern site with all the necessary information and appointment reservations. For the web, it was important for us to follow the visual of the entire brand and thus complete the story. We created the web in WordPress to make it easier to add content. The site consists of several subpages both a blog and a contact form. For more information about the Massage Center visit the page by clicking the button.

masaza centar web mobile